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    Hello Everyone,
    Would it be possible to make a trip form Los Angeles to Chicago and return in 2 weeks (16 days from late March - early April)? My friends (3 of them) and I planned to take this route straight to Chicago ,stay 3 days and maybe take route 66 back. Or we should just take a plane there and drive back to Los Angeles? We will rent a car for this trip.

    Thank You for your responses

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    The route you have mapped will take you 4 days. This will give you 8 days to play with, with 3 days in Chicago that still leaves you 5 days to do sightseeing enroute both directions. You should have no problem!

    It would probably be cheaper to round trip it in a car - there will not be any one way dropoff fee and no internal flights. However, any drivers under 25 will have to pay an underage surcharge and nobody under 21 will be allowed to drive.

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    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    Yep, with 6 and a bit days each way it should be quite relaxed, although you won't have much time to hang around in anyone place to long, other than your 3 day's in Chicago. Heading out the way you have mapped and coming back along a more Southerly route will let you see more of the country.

    One thing you need to know is that route 66 was decommissioned years ago and replaced by Interstate. There are original sections you can pick up, but in places it can be tricky and time consuming.

    Chat with your mates about budget, at what pace you want to travel, what to see etc and then decide what travel arrangements work best for you.

    Have a good look around the RTA site, you will find tons of info and road trip ideas.

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