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  1. Default New York - Miami 2 Weeks in August

    A couple of mates and I are going to fly into JFK on the 4th August from London. Going to rent a car (why is it that no-one will rent you a stickshift in the US?) and the drive down to Miami (hoping to see Key West in this time). I was born there so I have some family to see, but apart from that we are open to suggestions.

    Wondering if people have done it before and where the best place to have memorable nights out are. Basically looking to get the itinerary sorted and see where we cant miss if we are looking for a great party town/college whatever. I know that the colleges are out for their summer terms (shame), but some crazy parties/clubs/ beach mentalism is hopefully on the menu. Any suggestions are MUCH appreciated as we clearly have no knowledge of the local areas and where is good and where to avoid.

    Cheers in advance guys and gals,

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    why is it that no-one will rent you a stickshift in the US?
    Because 90% of the new vehicles sold here are automatics and there are now generations of Americans who don't know how to drive them. It's a safety, maintenance, and resale value issue. Due to our emissions and fuel economy standards, the automakers are trying as hard as they can to wean us off them too. The standards are easier to meet with a computer-controlled automatic.

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    Default The Coastal Route

    Clearly, you would want to follow the coastal route on your way south. There will be no shortage of hard partying beach towns, but just a few that you might want to check out include Dewey Beach, DE; Virginia Beach, VA; Ocracoke, NC; Myrtle Beach, SC; and Daytona Beach, FL.


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    Nice one guys, ill have a look @ the coastal route. a mate and I are sitting down tonight to try and plot it all on a map and see what the deal is. I'll let you know of the progress.

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