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    Default Miami to New York, then Denver to LA 3 Weeks?

    Hi there everyone,

    Great Forum and some great tips. I am from the UK and in the process of planning a trip September 08 with three friends. Our plan is Miami to New York in a RV then fly from new york to denver, then to rent a car to stay in motels and camp, to Vegas, San Fran then to LA with the flight back from there.

    We do want to have a couple of days in some of these places plus a few others. Do people think this can be done in three weeks or are we best to cut down the scope of the trip?

    I have noticed that people not giving themselves enough time on the trip can be a problem so don't want the same happening to ourselves.

    Thanks for your help

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    Default September '08 perchance?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chopps Hopper View Post
    I am from the UK and in the process of planning a trip September 07 with three friends
    Would this be September, 2008 by any chance? September 07 is almost over....Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum and thanks for the kudos!
    Do people think this can be done in three weeks or are we best to cut down the scope of the trip?
    Three weeks might be pushing it a bit. I would recommend holding on the RV until you reach Denver. Rent a car in Miami and motel and camp your way to New York. There are ample places between Denver and LA that you can boondock and save some money -- less so on the more urban east coast. I would also cut out the San Francisco portion of the trip and spend those two weeks in the American west (driving from Denver to LA).


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    Default Just

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If you plan on covering 400 miles a day when driving, which will let you see some of the sights along the way. And if you spend 2 days in each of the cities you've mentioned, and they all deserve at least that much. Then you're looking at taking 21 days or 3 weeks for your trip. So you can do what you've set out, but won't have a lot of leeway. For trips like this where you'll have to keep to a schedule, you should probably be looking at knowing pretty much where you need to be each night on the road, even to the extent of pre-booking accommodations. That doesn't mean that you have to know exactly where you'll be every second, but you will have to keep your eye on your ultimate destination.

    Are there any specific segments you'd like suggestions for, or is there a general type of attraction you're looking for?


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    Default 2008!!

    Yeah sorry it is 2008, must be getting excited and wanting to go earlier!!

    Thanks to both of you for the quick replies, both are really helpful. We are unsure of what to plan to see after we have left florida and before we hit virginia beach area where we have friends. Big gap with no ideas what to do in it! We will all be 25, enjoy partying, seeing the side of america that is not really seen by most. Ideas?

    Also when we get to Colorado we do want to get to see the great outdoors! Thinking of spending a couple of days white water rafting, horse riding and other pursuits, any suggestions on that?

    As you suggested we are going to plan most details and book ahead on some things, but giving ourselves a bit of extra time just incase we run into some unforseen problems or just want to stay somewhere for a bit longer!

    Thanks again for the help


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    Default Something's Gotta Give

    In both Mark's and my replies, we indicated that you had already packed your vacation to the bursting point and that you might want to consider paring down. Instead you have now indicated that you plan to add more activities, including "white water rafting, horse riding and other pursuits". The only way to do this and "giving (y)ourselves a bit of extra time" is to start seriously lopping off destinations. On the same note, if you want to see" the side of (A)merica that is not really seen by most", then you're going to have to get off the Interstates and travel some of the back roads. That will take more time than you or we allotted to your getting from place to place.

    Don't get me wrong, I admire your gusto and ambition, but I think you'd be much better served by going fewer places and enjoying them more. To that end, I will now join Mark in recommending that you drop either Los Angeles or San Francisco from your itinerary. While the drive between them along the Pacific Coast Highway is wonderful, you just don't have time for everything, and you can see some of the Pacific coast from either city. Also, you'll have to give some thought to the east coast portion. When I said that you could do Miami, New York and the drive between them in a week, I was assuming a 'standard' drive up I-95. But if you want something different, as you indicate, that will take more time, and that time must come from somewhere. Keep in mind that just the driving portion of what you've laid out is the equivalent of going from Portsmouth to Inverness, and back, and back up to Inverness, and back to Portsmouth, and back to Inverness yet again, and finally back to Portsmouth a third time.


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