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    We are thinking/planning a driving trip in late March 2011 thru the midwest:

    - Starting in Houston, TX
    - Driving to thru Dallas, TX to Rogers, Arkansas - Staying overnights (2)
    - Driving to St. Louis, Missouri - Staying overnights (2)
    - Driving to Memphis, Tennessee - staying overnight
    - Driving to New Orleans, Louisiana - staying overnights (2)
    - Returning to Houston, TX

    We have never been in this part of the country before. Should we take this trip knowing that it is probably cold and snowing and delaying this time of year in the midwest? We value your suggestion and advise. please help.

    Best regards,

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Predicting weather (the actual conditions you encounter) this far in advance is, of course, impossible. But knowing the climate (what conditions are usually like) can help you make some informed choices. March is not an ideal time, generally speaking, for a RoadTrip to the mid Mississippi Valley. At your northernmost point, St. Louis, you can expect average temperatures between the mid 30's at night and the mid 50's during the day. You could get lucky and see the 80's, although that's not likely. If you can wait a couple of months until early May, things will have warmed up considerably and the land will be considerably greener, but the tourists will not have started to swarm yet.

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    Default midwest?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    With the possible exception of Missouri, I don't think you'll find many people over the course of your trip that will identify themselves as being from the Midwest. I think pretty much everyone else will say they live in the South - or Texas which is kind of its own region!

    In any case, by late march its pretty unlikely (although not impossible) that you'd see any winter weather. Of course, march is one of the more unpredictable months, but if you look up average climate/weather information for these areas, you'll see you'll very much be in spring time by late march.

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    I highly doubt that you will find any snow along that route that late in the season. It would be a rare occurrence.

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