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    Hi, me and my boyfriend would like to do a fun little road trip during our spring break. We both do not have that much money so do not want to travel to an expensive place. We also both LOVE cooky side attractions. So my plan is to find some set destination, a place we want to both head out for, but look up crazy little places to stop along the way. Now the hardest part is deciding where we want to go. It will be easy to find roadside attractions i believe, but i cannot think of destinations. I would like to keep it somewhat close. I would like to depart March 14th, and arrive home by the 21st. the trip can be shorter though no problem. Sooooo any grand ideas. Cheap but fun ideas?

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    Emily -

    You say you want to stay "close" - but you don't tell us where you are! Once you did - hopefully we can find close, cheap, fun, kooky destinations for you.

    Carol White

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    haha i am so sorry i forgot to mention. I am starting out in souther wi. now i do not mind traveling states away, but i just want to stay in the midwest area i think. But yup Southern WI is my starting point!

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    Have you considered a trip out to Western South Dakota? A week would be a real nice time to drive out to the Badlands/Black Hills/Mount Rushmore. Plus, with things like the Worlds Largest Six Pack, The Spam Museum, a Giant Jolly Green Giant, A Corn Palace, and Wall Drug, there are no shortage of cooky attractions along I-90.

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