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  1. Default Los Angeles to Detroit - First-timer!!

    Hi all,
    So, I'm driving cross country back home to Michigan from Los Angeles... October 30 is when we're heading out and hoping to make it to Detroit in
    I'm not a road tripper, so I'm a little nervous and welcome any advice... Going with my boyfriend and we're just looking for worry-free, quickest ways with clean, decent hotels...
    Here's what we're thinking in terms of stopping - what do you think??? :)

    Los Angeles
    St George, UT
    Denver, CO
    Lincoln, NE
    Chicago, IL

    Any hotel recommendations, route recommendations, etc... that would be AMAZING!!!

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    Default Nice Pace

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Your proposed stops will make for a very relaxed journey, where you'll have time to take a break or two each day to visit an attraction near your route that catches your fancy. The Interstates are the fastest and safest routes in the county and are littered all along their length with quality motels and hotels, particularly near the larger cities where you plan to stop for the night. We don't really 'do' motel recommendations here, there are simply too many of them for us to have first hand knowledge of. But as a general rule, if you stick to the major chains, you should be fine. You should also know that it is perfectly acceptable to ask to inspect the room first before making a firm commitment to book it for the night. With plenty of competition, as noted, any time a desk clerk won't let you inspect the room, just leave and check out another nearby inn.


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