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    Aighttttt... We came from Asia but we want to feel the real american life. So we decided to stay in LA first. then we're staying in LA for another 2 days. We're heading to DC. But we're not sure what would be the best way to travel. We want to take a train but we don't know if it would be worth it. We are not sure if the coach would be cheaper and nicer and faster? And we heard that LAS VEGAS is the MUST SEE place... But then we don't know if TRAIN will reach there... We also want to see Florida but don't know yet how to plan to the trip as in where to go first and which to go last... Plus the clothing and stuff since it's different weather in each place, we were wondering if anyone can give us some suggestions?!??! thanks in advance!!!
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum

    There is no train service to Las Vegas.

    As far as anything else, your thoughts are really far too scattered about to provide any significant advice. If you have some specific questions, we'll be glad to help, but right now, you need to have some sort of basic idea of what you are doing first.

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