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  1. Default 1st time in USA, 1st time roadtrip, Maine-Florida advice please.

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post on the website, as the title says it will be my first time in the USA and my frist ever roadtrip.

    At the moment there are currently 6 of us interested in going, we are mostly military so our leave periods are almost set in stone, we are looking to arrive on 1st August 2011 and return on 31st August 2011.

    We have all agreed that we enjoy the idea of touring in an RV and stopping in campsites etc, we would like to visit some national parks on the way (if anyone has any tips on this please do forward them eg which one, where to hire it from etc, etc).

    My main concern is navigating through the country, i would like to be on as scenic route as possible and not confined to a Highway for the duration, however I am aware that there may be restrictions as to where we can drive. This is where I need advice on which are the most viable roads that meet the above criteria. I am also interested in knowing which site is viewed as the best route planner everyone uses? one with estimated milage and timings, gas stations, camp sites etc. (what would be great is for someone to have the route planned for us, but that is asking quite a lot from a forum ;-).)

    Also I haven't yet looked at the best places to stop overnight, the best bars to visit (we are mainly in our mid to late 20's), the best food places, the best towns to stop in. I thought I would post as early as this year in order to get everyones opinions and advice.

    Below is a list of places/events/points of interest we have already come up with, if these could be incorporated into our route or if you have any advice on suitable roads that go by these places then that would be fantastic.

    So starting in Maine and working south.....

    • Grand View topless cafe, 1494 N.Belfast avenue, Vassalboro, ME
    • Battleships Massechusettes, Five water st, Fall river, MA
    • Ghostbusters HQ, 14 av, Moore st., NY (I am aware that taking the RV into NY city will be virtually impossible, what we looked at is staying as close to NY as is possible on a camp site then commuting into NY for a day trip for example.)
    • Rocky statue, 2600 Benjamin Franklin parkway, Philadelphia, PA
    • Flying Circus Airshow, 5114 Ritchie Road, Beakton, VA
    • Hunt Bigfoot with a Redneck, Hwy 130, Natural Bridge, VA
    • National D-Day memorial, 3 Overlor Circle, Bedford VA
    • Sleep in a Treehouse, 3901 US hwy 82, Brunswick, GA
    • Daytona 500 experience, 1801 W. Int. Speedway Blvd, Daytona beach, FL
    • Forrest Gump's Shrimp Boat, 1506 E. Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL (approx location)
    • We would also like to visit a bourbon distillery, however I am led to believe these are found closer to the deep south than along our route??????

    Ok so a long thread I know, hopefully with your help I can create a good road trip, sorry for so many questions but like I said this is my first time arranging such a trip.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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    I am aware that taking the RV into NY city will be virtually impossible, what we looked at is staying as close to NY as is possible on a camp site then commuting into NY for a day trip for example
    Here is an RV park you may want to look into.

    I think you also may have problems trying to negotiate Philadelphia with an RV.

    You will find the bourbon distilleries in Kentucky and Tennessee, Jack Daniels is the most famous one, it's in Lynchburg TN. If you have a whole month, you shouldn't have any problem visiting one.

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    Perfect location for the RV in NYC.

    What problems would we come across in Philadelphia with the RV?

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    The problems you'd come across in Philly would be pretty much the same reason you'd avoid New York or any other major city. You'd be dealing with smaller roads, heavy traffic, and very limited parking - all of which can make driving a large vehicle like an RV difficult in an urban environment. Its not impossible, but if you can find a place to park outside the city and then use public transit, you'll likely be better off.

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    The trouble of driving in NYC and Philly depends on what size RV you're going to be driving. Class A is like a bus so that would be extremely difficult.

    You guys have some interesting places of interest you want to stop at. I thought I'd add that you should visit Disney world if you can afford it. You'll be right there to see Forrest Gump's shrimp boat which is parked outside Planet Hollywood. If you can't make it to all four parks, The Magic Kingdom is probably the best to go to. Also, I'd think about camping at Disney. Fort Wilderness is amazing! Been there many times. Clean, fun, but you're still in the wild. Here's their website: Book as soon as possible. They get crowded, August would be a busy time I'd think. And hot too! Their prices are fair, around $65 a night for full hook up I think.

    Best of luck! Sounds like a really fun trip.

    Another idea: While you're in Philly. Maybe get yourself a good old Philly cheesesteak at Pat's or Geno's.

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