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    Default Eastern loop Oct. Nov.. A few questions.

    Solo road trip in about 4 weeks. WV to Missouri via RT 50 then south to gulf. Gulf coast to South FL. then east coast back up to WV. !st Question. Best way around Cincinnati, 275 south of city or north and best time of day to avoid most of the traffic. More question s to come.

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    Best way around Cincinnati,
    Depends where you are coming from and where you are going to. Unless it's morning or evening rush hour, you could even go right through the middle of the city. If you are taking US-50 in and out, take OH-132 south from Owensville to OH-32, take that to I-275 and go around the south side through Kentucky. Use the Lawrenceburg/Hardinsburg exit in Indiana to get back to 50.

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    Excellent, thank you thats just what I needed to know. Next question is what is the best way around St. Louis. Once again in on RT 50 and once west of the city I will be heading up to Hermann. Also any suggestions on a decent mom and pop motel in the downtown of Hermann?

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    Take US-50 to near O'Fallon and get on I-64. Take I-255 south around STL then get on I-44. At Exit 251, take MO-100 to Hermann.

    Sorry, but I have no personal knowledge on lodging in Hermann, but it appears that there is a decent selection, including several B&B's. I assume you will be visiting the Stone Hill Winery?

    If you like good BBQ, I highly recommend Super Smokers at Exit 264 on I-44 in Eureka.

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    Thanks, more Qurstions to come.

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