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  1. Default the great oakland loop-dee-loop

    hey all,

    I've been a lurker here for a few weeks scouring old posts. the wife and I are planning a looping roadtrip starting in Oakland, Caleefornya (as the guv says) and going thru these points of interest:

    1) Santa Barbara
    2) San Diego (skipping LA)
    3) Yuma, AZ
    4) Phoenix (Grand Canyon?)
    5) Holbrooke (for the Wigwam motel, if we can book it)
    6) Ganado, AZ (Canyon de Chelly)
    7) Monument Valley
    8) Page, AZ (Antelope Canyon)
    9) Vegas (for the buffet at the Belagio...)
    10) Sequioa National Park (over by Fresno)
    11) back to Oaktown

    With all of the seasoned road-trip wisdom on these forums can anyone help us out to determine a rough estimate of how long this will take? We don't want to be rushing from place to place, but we also want to take in all that we can while we're out and about. Also, any other info that would be useful would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, and double thanks for the great site!


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    Default Five Days Plus

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If all you did was drive point to point through the destinations you've listed, you'd be on the road for 5 days. Now that's not what I'd call taking it all in while not rushing from place to place, but how much time you want to spend at each of the places you'll be visiting is entirely up to you. But I would think you could start to so justice to such a trip with a two week RoadTrip.


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    Default what do you have?

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    The bigger question than how much time will it take is how much time do you have? I don't think I've ever stayed in a place too long, so the more time you have, generally the better.

    I'd say 3 weeks would be what you'd need for a quick but unrushed tour.

    I will note that you really have left some of the most popular highlights off your list, including Grand Canyon, Zion, Death Valley, and Yosemite. Are you planning to stop at those places, or did you mean to skip them?

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    Default Also....

    Roughly when are you planning on doing this, in case any weather-related issues come up that might alter recommendations?

    And may a recommend a wind-down stop at Luka's on your way back in?

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    thanks for responding...

    ok, here is a revised itinerary with a little more detail of what we want to do. Is this biting off more than we can chew in the small amount of time we have? We are a young couple, if that makes any difference :) We will be doing most of our driving in the evening.

    Aug 8
    Oakland -Sequioa NP
    Sequioa NP - Las Vegas (we will just sleep and eat at the Bellagio and depart the next day)

    Aug 9
    Las Vegas - Page, AZ

    Aug 10
    Page (Antelope Canyon) - Kayenta

    Aug 11
    Kayenta (Monument Valley) - Chinle

    Aug 12
    Chinle (Canyon de Chelly) - Holbrook

    Aug 13
    Holbrook - Grand Canyon
    Grand Canyon - Gila Bend

    Aug 14
    Gila (check out Sonoran Desert) - Yuma (Territorial Prison)
    Yuma - San Diego

    Aug 15
    San Diego (Balboa Park) - Santa Barbara

    Aug 16
    Santa Barbara - Oakland

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    Default To much.

    Hi, Your first day is pretty much impossible and from Holbrook onwards you are trying to do to much in my opinion, unless all you want to do is drive through the places you have listed. From Holbrook to Gila bend via GC is a 470 mile drive which will leave you with just a very few hours at the GC and a very long day. I would suggest you drop at least Chinle/Holbrook or head from GC to somewhere further up the coast and drop SD from your trip and actually have some time at the other places to enjoy it.

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    Default not even close

    Sorry, but your really trying to bite off far more than I think you're expecting to chew.

    For example, your first day alone. Its a very full 9 hour day driving from Oakland to Las Vegas, that's not including the major detour to Sequoia. This would be a very full TWO days, and just to drive through the park as fast as you can would likely take you around 15 hours. Again, that doesn't include ANY time for stopping and enjoying what you are driving through.

    You've got a few other days that would require a full day or more on the road, not just evening trips, and that doesn't including the extra things you want to stop and see. There are also some problems with your route, the biggest August 13th. Not only is that a fairly illogical place to stop for the Grand Canyon, since you'd be backtracking here, but it would be right on your way heading out to Page, but you've also just not given yourself nearly enough time. Driving from Holbrook to the Grand Canyon to Gila Bend would be another 9 hour day on the road, before you stopped to take a peak at the canyon itself.

    For someone who says they don't want to be rushing from place to place, I find it odd that you would build a trip where you would never give yourself more than at most a half day to visit any of the stops you've listed. Only you can decide how you like to travel, but I think at the very least, you'll need a vacation to relax once you've completed this trip.

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    ok, ok, ok, so we're beginners!

    we have 8-9 days what would be the things on our list that, in your opinion(s), should be cut? Or rather, what would you advise we must see?

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    Default your choices

    Well, I pretty much agree with what Dave already said. You need to focus and decide what it is you want to see. If you want to focus on Northern Arizona and those sites, then you could do that in the time you have, or if you want ot see California, you could do those sites, but I think you have to make a choice between them. You really don't have time to do both with 8-9 days.

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    Default My ten cents.

    I gave you my ten cents worth in post 6 on how I would do it but only you can decide which part to drop.

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