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    Default Motorhoming for 6 weeks - Oct/ Nov looking for sugestions

    We land in LA 2nd Oct and can't decide which way to head. We have hired a motorhome and are thinking west coast and Yosemite then across to yellowstone, deadwood (the HBO series sucked us in), Rushmore, and finally Vegas and the Canyon. OR, LA, Vegas, Canyon, yellowstone, deadwood, Rushmore, then wherever, finishing finally back in LA ... We are from Australia so we're used to driving long distances to get anywhere... Am looking for any sugestions on trip advice, weather, places to stay and things to see, we do a lot of hiking and like remote camping, we're not really interisted in theme parks and amusement type things ..... I'm a photographer and my partner is a journalist .... open to all sugestions

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    Default North, then South.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You should definitely head North to Yellowstone as early as you can in your trip, as it will already be turning to winter mode in October where the facilities are closing[ed] down and you can find sub zero temps and snow. Great time of year though if the weather doesn't turn to quickly as it will be more peaceful.

    The National parks are great for camping, in wonderful natural surroundings and reasonably priced. I love the open spaces, great roads and large selection of NP's in the Southwest and would also check out the likes of Zion, Bryce canyon, Arches and Canyonlands [among others] in Southern Utah and Colorado has lot's to offer like Rocky mountain NP, but that is also heading into winter mode.
    Have a look around the forums and roadtrip route pages for some ideas with a good map to hand, and once you have some dots on the map we can help "fine tune" your trip.

    If you have time these RV reports might give you some idea's : San Fran/Grand canyon and Four corners region.

    With 6 weeks you have a nice amount of time to explore and enjoy the scenery, there are lot's of interesting spots/roads between the main attractions, so I wouldn't be in to much of a hurry to get from 'A' to 'B' and cover "huge" distances, but 'plod' along at a steady pace.

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