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    we're 2 girls trying to fit in a trip from connecticut to california and back in 2 weeks. we realize we won't be able to dilly-dally. but we hope to fit in a couple days of seeing things, and maybe snowboarding too somewhere in there. i've been getting a lot of "that's not possible" remarks. you guys know better. what do you think? any suggestions? thanx.

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    Default Do you like to sleep?

    CT to California. If you drive round the clock -- stopping only for fuel (eating only when the car needs fuel) it will take just under six days of round trip travel. Need to cover roughly 1002 miles per day. I-80 will be your best bet to cover ground quickly.

    Snowboarding? Snow is melting quickly -- Some of the higher elevation resorts in Colorado are still open and reporting Spring conditions. Utah & California are mostly closed although Mammoth Mountain is still open.

    Best route to reach snow -- Exit I-80 at Julesberg Colorado proceed via I-76 to I-70 and head for higher rockies.

    Yes, this trip is doable -- but you will be tired.

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