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    After much doodling my winter Road Trip has changed 5 times since I started planning a month or so ago...

    I'm gonna be in the USA for 4 weeks over Dec/Jan. Part of the trip will/may see me flying from NYC to Denver on the 22nd December. I've to get from Denver to LA(90720) by the 29/30th December. Along the way I'd like to see Colorado Springs - Grand Canyon - Vegas(1 maybe 2 nights here) and anything in between...

    I was thinking of spending 2 days in Denver and heading to Colorado Springs on the 24th and staying there for Christmas day and heading off again on the 26th which gives me 4/5 days to get to LA...

    I've had a look at google maps which gives this direct route.

    I doodled it to take in my stops

    What do you guys think about this... What changes would you make? What will the road conditions be like? (I was originally going to go further north to Reno/Salt lake city/lake tahoe but figured this route should be less snowy)

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    Unfortunately, nobody can predict the weather this far in advance. There is potential for road closures no matter which way you go, you have to cross the Rockies somewhere.

    Wolf Creek Pass on US-160 east of Pagosa Springs can be very nasty. I'd recommend that you keep your plans flexible and keep daily tabs on the weather and road conditions. Reroute yourself as needed. Colorado has an excellent website with up to the minute road conditions.

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