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  1. Default Los Angeles to Denver in December

    I've driven through the Rockies before and it was fantastic! But I have to make this trip in December and i'm freaking out about it. Is it safe to do so? I'm in a Toyota Corrolla. If it's not recommended then what is the best route?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Default its done every day

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Thousands of people live and work in the Rockies and travel the roads every day. If you are just traveling through via I-70, you certainly could see a some snow or even a storm bad enough that would force you to wait a bit, but thats about it.

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    I figured that but is it safe for a non SUV do I need chains, Are there passes you can't get through. My husband will be taking a flight out of Denver back to Army Bootcamp and I'm concerned he could miss his flight.

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    If the weather is bad enough to where you *need* chains, you probably shouldn't be out there anyway. However, I would advise you have a set of lightweight "cable" chains with you as part of your winter preparedness kit. I've seen them for sale in Walmarts in SoCal.

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