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    Planning on taking a 4 day road trip from Indy to somewhere. Just a couple of guys leaving the wives and kids at home looking for a relaxing 4 day roadtrip. Looking for some good food and beverages.

    Any suggestions???

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Well, it would be helpful to narrow things down a bit, but a few ideas that might work for you would be to head into Michigan, and enjoy one of the various parks along the Great Lakes. You could also look at heading towards West Virginia or the Smokey Mountains, or perhaps the Mississippi River.

    Basically, I'd draw a circle about 500 miles in every direction and see if there is something that jumps out at you. That distance would basically be one full day of driving each way, with 2 days to relax in the middle. I'd also check out the Roadtrip Routes section of this website and see if something there looking interesting to you.

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    Thanks for the suggestion on the drawing a circle. I'm leaning towards Memphis as we're both big bbq buffs and would like some "real" bbq that's hard to find in central Indiana.

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    A good alternative to that would be Nashville if you are music buffs. They have good BBQ there too. I recommend Jack's, downtown on Broadway. Only downside to Nashville - you would need to check on exactly what is still affected by the flood. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Music Row is on high ground away from the river, so that whole area should be fine. The new Opryland complex is a different story, the hotel will be closed for months.

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