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    Hello guys,

    I'm after a little advice and direction guys, My girlfriend and myself are driving from Indi - Washington at the start of August but we need to sort car hire. Wondered if you guys could help with the below questions to help us be more prepared and ready for our holiday:

    Were looking on spending about $200 on car hire which excludes the surcharges due to myself only being 24.

    Where's the best place to hire a car?
    How much would gas cost?
    Where's best to stop on route to sight see and relax?

    any advice would be appreciated.

    Adam, & Krissie

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You've left us some questions that we're going to need some more information to answer.

    First of all, which Washington do you plan to visit, Washington DC or Washington State?

    You also didn't say how long you plan to be gone or if this was a one way or a round trip.

    If you answer those questions, we'll be a little more able to provide some help.

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    Yeah sorry guys, should have really mentioned the dates etc!

    Just to give you a little overview of our whole holiday and how the drive fits in:

    31 July - Fly from England to Miami.
    31 July - Drive from Miami - Orlando in a rented Car
    7 Aug - Fly to indi and pick up rented car
    10 Aug - Drive to Washington DC in rented Car as mentioned above and drop of once we get there.
    12 Aug - Fly to New york
    16 Aug - Fly home to England

    So basically the car will be need for 4 days.

    Thanks again!

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