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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm moving from Wilmington, NC to Lake Havasu City, AZ next week. My vehicle is aFord F-150 pulling a 7x16 double axle trailer. With that being said, I can only go 55 mph. How many days do you think it will take me to get there? I will have my dog and cat with me as well. It's going to be quite the trip - wish me luck! LOL

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    You need to allow 5 days. It's approximately a 2400 mile trip. Without a trailer you could do it in 4, but at lowered speeds that would be pushing it a bit too hard.

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    Default Your truck

    Hello Marine,

    I assume the usmc signifies the Corps, anyway. If so, thank you for your service.

    You've got a particularly hot August to do a multi-day cross-country heavy tow. Most know to make sure their cooling system has been recently serviced (flush and replace coolant) but if it was me, I'd make sure my hoses were in good shape, and regardless of what they look and feel like, I'd replace them and the thermostat if they were > 4-5 years old.

    If your F150 has an automatic transmission, you're about to put it through a severe test of its condition. The primary enemy of any automatic is heat buildup, and nothing builds up heat like extended driving while towing. I'd look into a full-system ATF flush and replacement with high-quality synthetic ATF. A regular ATF change does not fully drain the system and the torque converter, so a full-system flush is recommended. I believe the "quick lube" services offer the full-system pump-out service. I'd further become very familiar with Ford's recommendations concerning towing with your exact make and model F150. In recent years, there are normally "tow/haul" settings designed, in part, to prevent your automatic from too-frequently shifting up and down and from running long intervals in an "unlocked" mode with respect to the torque converter. If you expect to keep the F150 and drive it extensively in AZ, and especially if you'll be doing more towing, installation of an aftermarket transmission cooler + transmission temperature gauge is worth considering, as keeping an eye on the gauge, especially on long grades, will tell you when to slow down or even stop to let the auto transmission cool down.

    Good luck and safe travels.


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    Thanks guys!

    I was thinking 4 days but you're right, 5 is probably more realistic.

    I already have a tow package on my truck and I had an additional break system installed for the trailer. Planned on getting a good oil change before I left but never thought of a flush. Guess I'll be getting that too. I bought 2 spare tires for the trailer as a "just in case". I've never driven cross country before much less with a trailer. I'm nervous about getting in an out of gas staions, etc...

    According to the internet and a book I purchased all Motel 6 and Red Roof Inn locations accept pets. Any other chains that you guys know of? I have an 88lb English Bulldog and a lazy cat.

    I'll be using my Garmin GPS but taking a book of maps just in case. Never know with technology. I hope the rock slide on 40 is repaired so I don't have to take that LONG detour.

    Anything else I should know?!?

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    If your F-150 has the new 6 speed auto trans, you have a tow/haul mode. With the old 4 speed, your best bet is to turn off overdrive. Your gas mileage will be terrible but your tranny will thank you. The keys to keeping tranny temps down is avoiding gear "hunting" and trying to keep the torque converter operating in lockup mode as much as possible.

    I'd install an active trans cooler - one with a fan on it. The most popular one with the F-150 guys is from Another good option is a stock cooler out of a Super Duty.

    La Quinta is pet-friendly too. However, you need to contact each and every hotel regardless of the chain policies to determine whether they will accept your particular animals. Officially, Motel 6 accepts "one small, well-behaved pet". That is going to be open to interpretation by the property manager. When you contact the hotel, inquire about trailer parking. Most hotels by the Interstates cater to trucks, but there are notable exceptions.

    I-40 has been open for a while now. However, you may want to go via Atlanta anyway - and it's a lot less mountainous. My mapping software says it's 45 minutes faster. To get to 40, you would take US-78 from Birmingham to Memphis. Going that way, I break down your overnights this way:


    Going via I-40, replace Atlanta with Knoxville.

    Hint: To avoid morning rush hour traffic, stay on the west side of the cities.

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