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  1. Default Cops - pulled over in a rental?

    I am from the UK and would like to know what I am required to show police if pulled over by highway patrol in CA.

    Will they ask for Proof of nsurance? My collateral damage is covered by my credit card, how do I show proof of that? Also, I lost the rental papers. Those papers have the reciept for liability insurance paid through Hertz. Do I need that?


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    You will need your driver's license and a copy of your rental contract. You need to visit a Hertz office and get those papers replaced. Without that contract, you are essentially driving a stolen car.

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    The 3 things you need in a traffic stop are your drivers license, your registration, and your proof of liability insurance (that is the only type of insurance required by law).

    Since your rental contract serves as both your registration and your proof of liability coverage, you need to go back and get a new copy of your rental agreement ASAP.

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    It might be a good idea to make sure you have your passport with you aswell. May sound obvious but I'd left mine at the house I was staying at (as I was not planning to leave the country or state) and then I came across a CBP checkpoint near the Salton Sea. That was a nervous ten minutes or so explaining the situation to 3 armed guys and a large dog.

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    Thanks for all the replies - I got the papers replaced and thanks to you guys I am much less stressed out!

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