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    I need some expertise, please. I am taking my teen daughter to an event in Seattle, but being on a tight budget, we're going to drive it instead of flying. I've done TX to CA in 27 hours, pretty much a straight shot with just a short break in AZ, so covering a long distance in a day isn't an issue for me. However, I'm travelling an unfamiliar route, either going through Oklahoma, then turning West in Kansas going through Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Oregon or cutting across New Mexico into Colorado then Utah, Idaho, and Oregon. I guess another option is to go into CA, then north. I have a little time on the way up, and can take up to 3 days to get there. But I need to do the trip home in 2 days if possible. I'm sure it's a crazy undertaking, but I'd like to try it. What I really need is suggestions on a most direct route, staying as close to major highways as I can. The trip will begin Aug. 1st, and I will leave Seattle after lunch on the 7th attempting to get back to Dallas by the afternoon of the 9th. If we can't do the drive home we have the option to fly and leave the car with family, but we'd rather drive.

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    I'm sorry, but saving money isn't worth risking your life or the lives of others with whom you will be sharing the road.

    Dallas to Seattle on the most direct route is 2200 miles, which is a minimum of a 4 day trip to do it safely, and going via California adds another 300 miles and pushes it to the point where a 5th day would be strongly recommended.

    Trying to do this in 3 days is a very bad idea - requiring back to back to back 14 hour days on the road which simply too much (and significantly more than what professional drivers are allowed by law from doing). Undoubtedly your driving skills will decline much like those of a drunk driver by being on the road for that amount of time.

    Trying to do this drive in 2 is frankly homicidal.

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    I agree it's a bad matter which way you come you will have to go thru mountains. In my experience that kind of driving takes a lot out of you! I would give myself 5 days each way to do the trip, or I'd fly.

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    Another large problem with your scenario is that you are constrained within a tight timeframe.

    What if you get stuck in traffic, or construction?

    What if you spend too much time looking for places to eat, or sleep?

    What if your daughter wants to stop and see ANYTHING along the way?

    What if you or her get sick? Even a bout of indigestion can hold you back for hours.

    What if you have car trouble? Can you change a flat tire, or will you wait hours for help?

    What if you get on each others' nerves? (see previous items)

    You simply don't have any time to deal with these What Ifs.

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