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    Default Going Tripping~SW Florida on up to Southern NH

    I'm heading from Sarasota FL to Weare, NH in mid July and luckily don't have to be back to FL until mid August. I have family in NH and NJ, and so will be spending a big chunk of my time visiting with them. I'd really like to make my way up to Canada while in NH and possibly take a detour on my way back to FL from NJ. Anyone know of any fun, interesting, silly festivals or events that you just shouldn't pass up? As well as any great towns or restaurants that need my attention? Thanks in advance for the ideas!

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    Default Go Boating en Franšais

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    Sounds like a great trip. The easiest part of Canada to get to is the Montréal area, and fortunately it is one of the most rewarding. While at heart it is French, it is also easily the most bilingual city in Québec. Besides, the drive up there along I-89 is gorgeous as well. Here are some recommendations from a native.

    On the way back from New Jersey to Florida, you might want to try staying closer to the coast than using I-95. If you head south to the very tip of New Jersey, you can catch an ocean going ferry across Delaware Bay, continue down the peninsula to another unique water crossing and then head for the Outer Banks. If you stay on NC-12 all the way down to Ocracoke, you will get to ride one final relaxing ferry back to the mainland to complete your journey home.


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