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    I'm moving from San Francisco to New York City in late September and am considering driving instead of flying. I would really like to check out Yellowstone NP but am wondering if 14 days would be enough for the drive.

    With 5-6 hours of driving a day, I figured I could get from SF to Yellowstone in 3 days. Spend one day at Grand Teton and one day at Yellowstone. Then drive to Badlands NP in 2 days and spend one day there. After that I'm not too sure, but I guess 5-6 days would be enough to get me from there to NYC, with maybe a stop in Chicago for a day.

    Does that sound insane? Any suggestions for parks/interesting places between South Dakota and NYC that wouldn't require too much of a detour?


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    If you only want to drive 5 to 6 hours a day, your effective daily range is 300 miles. Your estimates from SF to the Badlands would be fairly accurate. However, with that criteria, it's 3 days each from Badlands to Chicago, and from Chicago to NYC. You are one day short. You would have to add a day, forego the day in Chicago, or do Chicago to NYC in two 8 hour days.

    If you are limiting yourself to 5 to 6 hour days, you don't have time for any detours other than what you already have planned. You either need more days, or drive more hours a day to go point-to-point.

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    Default Perfectly sane.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Does that sound insane?
    Far from it, you have plenty of time to enjoy the trip and it is a great opportunity to take a road trip and explore parts you might not otherwise have seen, so I say "Go for it" !

    It could be a great time to visit Yellowstone as the crowds are gone, but be aware that it will be heading into "winter mode" and cold weather and snow won't be out of the question.

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    Default Lincoln Highway

    You might want to get on the old Lincoln Highway (the first US transcontinental highway from SF to NYC) at some point in your trip.

    Check out Brian Butko's book "Greetings from the Lincoln Highway."

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