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    Hi, looking for some suggestions on a road trip starting in Portland, Maine going to Toronto, Niagara Falls and ending up in Boston (possibly via New York?) We have about 10 days from 6th October 2010 in which to do this trip and wondering how practical it is? Just looking for places of interest and would ideally like to spend a day or so in each of the above places. Any suggestions of places worth visiting and routes would be appreciated.

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    That general area has been covered in some considerable detail before, so let me first suggest that your read these discussions of New England destinations and these of sites between Niagara and New York and Boston. You should also look at what's available in the Thousand Island region at the head of the St. Lawrence River. The other thing you'll need to keep in mind is that the time you plan to be traveling is near the peak of the fall foliage season in northern New England and southern Québec and Ontario. Roads will be quite busy and lodging reservations are highly recommended.


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