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    Hi All.

    A first time poster here. My wife and I are coming from the UK for a road trip. We are flying to NYC on 27th of May and having 4 nights and 3 days there. Then flying to Boston to hire a car and have 2 weeks driving around the North East flying back out 12th June.

    The plan so far is (its not set in stone so all ideas welcome) is to leave Boston and travel up Route 93 to White Mountain National Forest with the intention of spending 3-4 days in the WMNF doing a bit of hiking, canoeing and relaxing, any particular area of WMNF anyone would recommend?

    After that leave the national forest via the east side of it and travel towards Bangor, from Bangor head down to the coast not doing many miles a day just taking it easy relaxing and enjoying food and a few drinks.Maybe some Whale viewing trips and some sea fishing? Follow the Maine coast down to Portland then continue down to Cape Cod and finally spend the last 2 days in Boston before flying back to the Uk from Logan Int Airport.

    I am wondering if having 2 weeks to go from Boston back to Boston via the route mentioned, we will be missing out on any interesting places nearby. We dont want to do to much driving each day as we want a relaxing holiday but also want to see as much as we can while we are in the states.
    Should i be setting my sights higher and heading up North more or other directions or will we have an amazing time doing as planned?

    We are both young (ish) i am 32 and the wife is 27 , we enjoy walking, historic sites or events, shopping (her more than me), eating out , drinking good wine and seeing new places. if thats helps with any ideas.

    Any ideas welcomed.



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    Default Hiking and Other Pursuits in Northern New England

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You can easily get from anywhere on your proposed trip back to Boston in less than a day. so pretty much all your time can be devoted to pleasurable pursuits, including the 3 hours or so (max) that you may have to drive on any given day to get to your next destination. New England is full of wonderful places to visit, but to answer your specific questions, there are three places I would recommend for hiking in the White Mountains. The first two are relatively well known: Franconia Notch which I-93/US-3 follows, specifically the Flume, and Pinkham Notch (NH-16) with many great hiking trails maintained by the Appalachian Mountain Club. The third is less well known (and less frequented) and that is to go to the north side of the mountains on US-2 and use the Jefferson Notch trailhead up onto the Presidential Range.


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    Thanks for the info, we will fit them into to the schedule.

    Cheers for your help.


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