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  1. Default Spring Break - Cancun

    Can anyone give me any information in regards to this, me and some mates are planning on going there next year and have no idea where to begin booking. Just wondering if anyone has had experience with it?

    we are from australia so we have little to no idea about this, aside from what we have seen on tv.

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    Default not really our forte

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I've done a roadtrip loop starting in Cancun, but I've never spent any time in the city itself. There are certainly a lot of great attractions in that part of mexico like the mayan ruins of Chitzen Itza and Tulum. However, when I think Cancun in specific, especially regarding Spring Break, most of what you are talking about are all-inclusive resort type places that really aren't the focus of this website and forum.

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    yeah i didnt think so... we are just using that as the starting point for our road trip after. being from australia it can be a bit confusing organising something like that from over here, i thought id try my luck. thanks!

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