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    My friends and I are taking a 36' tagalong camper, about 4 times as much food as we would need, way more than we can drink, and some comfortable chairs and heading down to Huntington Beach, SC its a campground right along the beach about 20 miles South of Myrtle Beach.

    Has anyone ever been around this area?? What are some things I could visit?Good seafood in the area??.... I'm hungry for steamed crab legs!

    Thanks for the help!

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    Default A Little to the South

    I've not been in the Myrtle Beach area, exactly, but I did spend some time in Charleston a couple of years ago and I can recommend a couple of things within an hour south of where you'll be camping. One is Old Santee Canal State Park near Moncks Corner. It's a great chance to do some canoeing through some real 'southern' feeling countryside, Spanish moss, lily pads, the possible odd crock. I don't think it's as cheap as it used to be, but well worth looking into. Another excursion I'd highly recommend is to take the boat out to Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor. The ride alone is worth the trip down to the city, and besides, the boat departs from Patriots Point where you can go aboard an aircraft carrier and a 40's vintage submarine. For food, ask the locals where to find the best pulled pork barbecue. By just asking around we found two great restaurants. One was in Mount Pleasant and the other was, I think, in Harleyville (and only open on weekends). The point is - ask. The locals will know who's currently got the best.


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