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  1. Default Best route across PA: I-80 or the Turnpike?

    What's poppin'?

    I'm driving across Pennsylvania next month. And I need you to give it to me straight up: should I take the Turnpike or I-80?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There is never a one sized fits all best route - and this certainly is the case here. The "best" will depend upon what you are looking for - not to mention where your starting and ending points are.

    Having said that, using I-80 will save you $30 in tolls vs. the Turnpike.

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    I'm looking for nice scenery and an "interesting" drive, while sticking to the Interstates.

    As for starting and ending points, neither route really has an advantage there.

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    The level of interest is up to you. Both drives are similar. Great scenery through the mountains of PA. I'd go with I-80 to save the tolls personally. The Turnpike has Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and Harrisburg in between in its vicinity while there are no major cities on I-80. Most of I-80 is country and mountains and very little in the way of city life. It depends on what you are interested in. If you are looking to get through PA the fastest way possible then do I-80 as you will avoid cities and tolls.

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    I haven't run the Turnpike recently, but I ran I-80 across this spring and it's in better shape than I ever remember. Looks like PA did a major reconstruction/paving project.

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