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    Default 4 Day Roadtrip from Chicago to where?

    Looking to go somewhere with my wife to get away for a few days. We have four days, don't care where we go, but we've already done Wisconsin dells and Mackinac Island, so we need something different. Want to see beautiful scenery, if possible, maybe some swimming at a lake somewhere, and have a decent drive (not something too boring). Any help out there? Thanks in advance!!

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    Default Kentucky

    If I were in that position, I would point my car straight at Kentucky and explore the eastern part of the state - I think that would cover everything that you are looking for.

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    Thanks for the reply Mass Tim, but can you give me more info, like where exactly and what there is to see? Would 4 days be enough without rushing from place to place?

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    I live in the Chicago area and I would totally recommend Southwest Michigan...lots of vineyards and wine tours, Warren Dunes Beach/Hiking. We stayed at this amazing place - Rabbit Run Inn...LOVE IT!

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