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    Default 3-4 day roadtrip from chicago, where to go?

    I'm 30 years old and my fiance is 28. We're both fun loving people and we love water parks, slides, etc... We also love to find cool tourist spots with things that are out of the ordinary. We're planning a short road trip after July 30th sometime from Chicago. We DO NOT want to go to Wisconsin Dells, being that we've been there a million times. I've heard there are places in Ohio and what not, that we can probably go to. We will have about 4 days or less to drive to wherever we're going and come back. We also love places with riverwalks, we love scenery, the beauty of the outdoors, scenic rides, etc... Any ideas? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    My fiance and I have 3-4 days to take a roadtrip, besides Wisconsin Dells and Mackinac Island(which I did NOT like lol), where else can we go and still keep the trip down to 4 days or less? We love scenic drives, love caves, water, etc.. We loved the Badlands, driving through Custer State Park and Mount Rushmore, but we also loved Daytona Beach, St. Thomas, and partying at night. Love waterparks/amusement parks, touristy things, weird and amusing off-the-beaten-path type things, etc... So any ideas on what to do close to or in the midwest with only 4 days? Thanks
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    How about the mother of all amusement parks - Cedar Point? You can make it there in as little as 5 hours from Chicago. It's on a peninsula in Lake Erie, so you can get your water fix around there too. One day each way, possibly taking something other than the Interstates, one day on the rides, and one day on the beach?

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    cedar point is an option, although i had already heard about it, so im trying to see if there's anything else out there to do. but thank you for the suggestion and link, i appreciate it.

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    Default revisited

    In case you've forgotten, you did ask the same basic question last year. You might want to revisit some of the ideas you were given last time.

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    Default How about Ohiopyle?

    Water (whitewater rafting)? Tick. Riverwalks? Tick. Outdoors? Tick. Scenery? Tick. There and back in 4 days? Well, it's 1000 mile round trip but some people around here would consider that OK. Here's a link to the Ohiopyle State Park website and here's a place that'll give you some more ideas when you get there.

    Fort Necessity is on your doorstep too if you want some history - and it's got a exhibition dedicated to the Historic National Road (which you'll travel on at least part of the way). We loved our visit to this part of the world.


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    Default roadtrip from chicago to? Memphis or Nashville?

    my girl and I have 4 days to take a roadtrip from chicago. we're thinking about either Nashville or Memphis. Which would be more fun and can u suggest what route to take that would be fun and scenic? Also, where should we stay, any particular must-visit restaurants, any sights, etc...? we like scenery, tourist attractions, things of that nature. we're not big on dancing or crazy nightclubs. Leaving july 30th and coming back August 2nd. Thanks for your help.
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