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    First of all I've got to say that the site and all your comments are fantastic.
    I am italian and I love so much USA. I started to visit USA since 1993 for business and vacation. I had a lot of road trip, for example in the last two years I spent one month per year in south- and north-west. My favorite road trip is from LA across desert and canyon to the park of the northwest and then go down to LA from the coast of Washington, Oregon and California states.
    Generally, I have not prefixed target with a rigorous timetable but a tentatively idea of the route, and along the way I decide to stop or not to see something around. I prefer scenic route to interstate highway. I have different books regarding this latter argument together with maps and gps satnav in my pocket pc. We are a married couple with a six years son.

    Now I am writing because this year I want to plan a coast to coast trip. My tentatively planning is to stay 6-7 days in Florida, then 13-14 days of trip to get LA (and see around) and finally other 6-7 days in LA area dedicated to relax, shopping and to my son (Disney and Studios). What do you think about? I know well the West but I don't know anything about the South-Est (except FL) and Central-South parts of please advise me.
    Is it too hard 14 days step from Miami to LA? Consider that my six years old son Marco is a very resistant boy habituated to travel 7-8 hours per day but NOT all the days.
    Thanks in advance and congratulation for forum and the site that I am avidly exploring .
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    Default A Few Things to Help Get You Started

    Benvenuto! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Unfortunately, the Gulf Coast of the United States is currently being inundated with crude oil from a well which exploded several weeks ago. So the beaches will probably be closed for the most part. This would, however be a good chance to show and teach your son a bit about coastal wetlands by visiting some of the many National Wildlife Refuges along the coast.

    Some scenic roads that you might want to consider include the Big Bend Scenic Byway in Florida and the Creole Nature Trail in southwestern Louisiana. In addition, there are plenty of plenty of worthwhile stops along I-10, and many US highways, including US-84, US-90, US-190, US-290 run parallel to various portions of I-10 for a more local feel. I would particularly look at US-90 west from San Antonio with a side trip to Big Bend National Park.


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    Driving 8 hours a day, not including stops, it would take you 6 days to get from Miami to LA. If you are planning on 13 or 14 days, that would give you plenty of time to do a lot of sightseeing all the way across.

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    Thanks for your answer and precious advice!
    I am booking :) plane and car.

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