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  1. Default Los Angeles to Miami in 7-8 days

    We are 4 peoples planning to take this trip. Our plan is to see Grand Canyon, Coronado Scenic route..., El Paso, San Antonio, New Orleans to Orlando and Miami with the keys. We have no trouble with driving in 8-12 hours in one day (it`s normal where we are from). We are 2 peoples driving the car. Is this possible or do you have some other good advices for us?

    We have decided for 7-8 days on the road to Miami. Where from is still open for suggestions. This trip are planned late august to beginning of september. We want to see the best of America.

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    The timeline seems a little bit tight to me, especially if you are planning on spending any time exploring the places you've mentioned along your route. It takes roughly five days to go coast to coast. I'm assuming that this is a one-way trip?

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    There is nothing wrong with driving 8-12 hours a day, and I think your trip is mostly doable.

    Not including the Keys, you're already going to need about 6 days at the pace you've listed just to cover the miles. So 7-8 days will be enough to get there, although it won't leave you much time to stop very long at many of the places you've listed. Driving through the Keys and back to Miami, would be another full day, so you might want to skip them if you are limited to only 7-8 days.

  4. Default Suggestions?

    Do you have any other suggestions for other starting points than Los Angeles?
    I thinking a lot that this trip is cost more than it will taste for us... In Florida we will spend a week, but we want to have a week on the road to see America. We have been in Florida before, the other couple have been in New York and Florida before. We will end this trip with a cruise in Caribbean from Miami:)

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    Default "see america"

    The term "see america" can really mean so many things that I think you need to define what that means or what is important to you.

    With a week, you are going to be limited in what you can see, no matter where you start from. Even with a year, you'd still have to make choices about what to see.

    Los Angeles would be a perfectly fine place to start if you want the experience of driving Coast to Coast. You could certainly start in Las Vegas as well and do much the same trip. You could also start somewhere much closer to Miami, like Houston, New Orleans, or Chicago and take a very different kind of trip.

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    With the term I mean that we want to see more than just Florida. I like the mountains, desert - wild nature, nice viewpoints (like Grand canyon, Colorado) and maybe a rodeo, horse riding for one day... I think if you drive from for example Chicago, I don`t know whick route or what we can see on the road? Any good tips? examples or descriptions

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