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    We have a 34 ft travel trailer....coming from LA going North up to Big Sur in September....anyone taken teh HWY 1? Can we make it being so long? Any alternative routes....thanks!

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    CA-1 is the world famous Pacific Coast Highway, and sees lots of traffic- including lots of RV traffic. It certainly is a slow going road, that will be even slower with your rig, but there's no reason that I know of that you couldn't take it.

    Especially if you are concerned about this, I would stick to US-101 until at least San Luis Obispo, and possibly take that up even a bit farther to CA-46 which you could take to Cambria. That's basically your last chance to head west to the coast.

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    The only other option would be to take 101 to Salinas and backtrack down 1.

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