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    Hello, my bride and I are planning to rent a one-way rental car from DC to LA in six days. We plan to fly back to DC from LA. We would like to see scenic routes along the way, especially the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, which we want to stay for two nights. Would anyone recommend what cities we should stay in-between DC-LA for, say, 10-11 hours drive each day? What average speed should we drive? Thank you for your advice!

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    Default Timing is way off.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I think you might just be under estimating how long a cross country trip can take !

    Driving for 10 hours a day is going to take 5 days with time for only short stops for food and bathroom breaks, stretch the legs and fill with gas, and that's sticking to main highways/Interstate . That will leave you with a "spare" day to visit the GC or Vegas, with most other things being restricted to where you stay for the night.

    It's sensible to drive around the legal speed limit and 10 or 11 hours driving will put your stops between 500 and 600 miles apart to divide the trip up for 5 days of travel.

    I really think that you would be better flying out and back and do a 6 day tour from Vegas or LA.

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    Hi Southwest Dave,

    What an idea! Thanks, we might consider your suggestion.
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