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  1. Default East Coast Trip June 2010

    Hi all,

    I know you guys probably get asked the same questions over and over again and so i apologise before i begin if this is the case here. Your help and advice is very welcome.

    Ok i am flying from Dublin to Boston with my girlfriend on 14th June, we are staying 3 nights in Boston and then get bus to New York, where we will stay for 4 nights.

    The next part is a 2 week road trip. We have booked an RV with El Monte RV hire, do you guys know and recommend this company?

    The plan is to follow the coast as much as possible towards Ocean City, Atlantic City de touring to Washington DC for lunch with Mr.Obama then on toward South Carolina before arriving in Florida. I have planned to spend a week from New York to Top of Florida. Then a further week travelling down through Florida hopefully getting to Key West, Miami back up the Gulf of Mexico side and arriving in Orlando where we will spend a further 10 days in a hotel!

    Im thinking this might take in about 1800 miles.

    Ok is this possible?

    One other question is parking the RV at night. Do you have to park in a camp site? Can you pull over and park on a quiet area? I read somewhere that Walmart allow RV's to park overnight for free. We have spent alot of money on everything so far so we were hoping to keep extra costs like Camp site costs as low as possible.

    Ok, thanks for reading and all advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Default rv details

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    El Monte is one of the two biggest names in the RV rental business, and should be just fine for your trip.

    An RV generally is not a good choice as a money saving method of transportation. Once you factor in higher rental costs, more fuel, and campsite fees, it is almost always cheaper to go with a standard rental car and motel stays.

    If you are going with an RV, it should be about lifestyle and a desire to travel in this manner.

    As far as stopping overnight, no you can't just park anywhere. There are places like truck stops and some walmarts where you can park overnight. However, in these cases, you should check to see if its allowed first and of course make a good faith purchase. When you do this, you also should look like you are just parked for the night, and not camping. That means, no using slide outs and other things that will make it obvious that you are spending the night. You also won't have access to things like power and water, that you would have available when you stay at a campground.

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    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your reply.

    We rented the RV for around £620 which works out at about $1030. I used the fuel calculator link here and it estimated approx $400 for fuel for the trip. I thought for the two weeks it would be less hassle than moving from place to place staying in different places! Maybe its also something about the thought of driving along the coat in an RV, i can't wait! Would you consider the rental cost expensive?

    This might silly question but what did you mean by a good faith purchase?
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    Default good faith

    A good faith purchase just means buying something from them so you aren't just using their businesses. If you're at a truck stop, it can be as simple as filling up your fuel tank or buying a shower.

    You should know that driving along the east coast really isn't the same as driving along the west coast. The eastern US is much more urban and built up, so there are very few places where you'll really be driving along the coast. If you are taking US-1, you'll spend most of your trip driving through the many towns and cities along the way, more so than seeing great scenic views of the ocean.

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    Default Rv.

    We rented the RV for around £620 which works out at about $1030.
    For 2 weeks ? This seems very reasonable for a base rate, but you might still have extras to consider. As you are flying in from overseas you will need kitchen and bedding kits which normally costs around $200, or you could head for the nearest Walmart and look for basic stuff. Other possible extras you need to look out for are liability ins waiver, mileage charges and preparation fees. If you are planning not to use campgrounds to often you will need the generator at times which can also be charged by the hour and you will need to find dump stations for your waste water.

    I used the fuel calculator link here and it estimated approx $400 for fuel for the trip.
    I am not sure what type of RV you have rented but a class 'C' over 27ft with a V10 engine only returns about 10 mpg. A V8 on the smaller units would be better but if your estimated mileage is based on A to B points I would add 20% to that for detours around towns and points of interest . As no one can predict the price of gas next summer I would allow somewhere between $500- $600 for your fuel budget to be on the safe side.

    If you like the idea of the RV lifestyle then go for it, I love it. But as Michael said it isn't, and nor should it be a budget choice. With four or more people sharing the costs even out and then get cheaper but with two it'll end up costing more.

    To the top of this page and in the left hand column you will find links to RV info and much much more. Have a look around and just ask if you have any other questions.

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    Thanks for both replies.

    Michael, would you still recommend the East Coast as a road trip? The West coast would be excellent as well, however our main aim of this trip is to see the cities, New York, Boston and DC and also finish in Orlando. I love the idea of driving to places like Atlantic city and Myrtle Beach etc.

    Dave, yes i thought it was a good price. The quote direct from El monte was more expensive than so we went with them. Hopefully everything goes ok. Strangely we found everything cheaper indirectly, all hotels were booked with a Irish travel agent who offered better rates for hotels in New York, Boston and Orlando than the actual hotel website.

    I went with el monte over cruise america becasue they offer a first 1000 miles free policy, cruise america charge around 32cent a mile. Plus we also bought an additional 500 miles. I had thought of maybe just going to Walmart for essentials as the kit costs seemed quite extortionate.

    The camper we hired is a Ford C22, if that makes sense. It sleeps 2 adults. It says its fuel consumption is 20-30litres per 100km. Actually straight away i see a mistake i made. In the calculator i put done 1800 miles and 25 miles per gallon but its kilometeres so yep that will go up.

    Any other help or advice would be great. I will have a look at the RV section now.

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    Cruise America also rents the C22, it's a 5.4 liter V8, and gas mileage will be between 7 and 13 miles per gallon according to their site. I would use 10 miles per gallon in the calculator - and gas prices are impossible to predict this far in advance. Right now the national average is $2.63 a gallon. I would not use any less than $3.00 in the calculator - which makes the math easy, 30 cents a mile. Add 20% to your estimated point to point miles.

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    Hi Guys,

    Getting closer to my trip time. I am in final stages of planning. I was wondering if yous think it would be possible to park the RV at JFK airport in long term stay and travel into city from there and then return to sleep in RV at night in car park for maybe 2 nights. would this be allowed? I have tried emailing liberty harbour rv park but the emails get returned. Does anyone have any other suggestions? We had planned to pick up RV in new york thus saving hassle of trying to sight see with an RV however the only one way available was from Boston so we had to take it.

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    I'd invest in an international phone call and contact Liberty Harbor that way. I doubt that you would be allowed to do that at JFK, and even if you were, I sure wouldn't want to.


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