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  1. Default Driving from Seattle to Sacramento with a Toddler

    Hi there.

    I'm driving from Seattle to Sacramento in mid July with my three year old son. I was wondering if there were any places that would be nice to stop along the way to let The Boy get out and stretch his legs for a bit. Parks, Malls, ect.

    Also...if there are any Kid friendly places to eat (not so much McDonald's but more unique places.)

    Thanks in advance.


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    Actually, stopping every few hours when traveling (with children or without) is one of the best ways to make a RoadTrip enjoyable and we have prepared this list of road side rest stops where you really can really get some rest and relaxation. As for something more unique than MickeyD's all you have to do is drive 'the extra mile or two from the exit ramp fast food joints into the local town and see what they have to offer.


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