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  1. Default Seattle to Sacramento, as much Ocean as Possible

    Two college kids looking to drive from Seattle to Sacramento. Have made the I-5 drive to Eugene about 4 times, but have never been to WA or OR coasts. Looking to get to Sacramento in 2 days (i.e. only pay for a motel one night). What's the best things to see between the coasts from it worth going to crater lake?

    Also, any good wineries to stop at on the way in Northern California.

    We're pretty much up for anything, but want to see the coast and want to save as much money as possible (outside of gas). We'll probably take our time going there and just run up I-5 on the way back.

    Any and all suggestions help (also...tell us food places, we're both a bit obsessed with good food).

    If there are other threads I should be looking at let me know, I didn't do a very good search.

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    I'm afraid you've got a problem here. You say you want to "take your time getting there" and "see as much ocean as possible," yet you say you want to make this trip in just two days.

    Its not going to be possible to take the coastal route in just two days. Its barely possible to make it from San Francisco to the Oregon border in two days via the coastal route.

    I guess since you mentioned the WA and OR coasts as your priorities, you could try to go straight over to the coast, and then cut back to I-5 at Eugene or Corvallis, and sprint back down from there. And Honestly, I think that would be a pretty tough to pull off when you consider how much more slowly you have to drive US-101 compared to I-5.

    Your problem basically comes down to having too much distance to travel in a short period of time. You're looking at an 800 mile trip, which while possible to do as a speed run sprint in a day, is very much a day and a half trip by itself if you are planning to do any stopping whatsoever.

    That said, a half day detour to Crater Lake could be a decent option, as it isn't too far off I-5, which would make it still possible to do this trip in two days.

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