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    Hello everyone.New poster here.Im planning a late June solo road trip from Atlanta to Indianapolis(roughly 500 miles),as I am planning to move to Indy in July.I have budgeted 100 dollars for gas and 150 for a three day hotel stay.I have never driven any more than thirty miles or so alone and im sure ill be kinda nervous.Does anyone have any advice for me?I dont really know where to start.

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    3 days is more than enough to go 500 miles. For a driver who hasn't experienced more than 30 miles of solo driving alone this may be perfect for you as you could do this in one day but if you are uncomfortable take your time. First you need to get your maps out and see what your route is going to be. At the very least you will head through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and into Indiana over a series of interstates (I-75, I24, I-65) If you are nervous about interstate travel, as many are, there are several roads that run parallel to the interstates that should have plenty of services as far as places to stay. Being that you have the time to do this I would advise to not use the interstate and explore some of the scenery while you are on the road, even if you are comfortable with interstate travel. Once you get your route planned you can pick your three stops, about 125 miles apart from one another. Those stops would be Chattanooga, TN, Nashville, TN, and Elizabethtown, KY.

    If I'm interpreting your post wrong and you will need to get there in one day and are staying all 3 days in Indianapolis then interstate travel over one long day of driving will be your best bet. It won't give you much time to stop and see the sites. It'll be a 12 hour day at least when you include stops for the necessities of eating and gas and other things. A site like will give you plenty of choices for hotels within your budget in Indianapolis.

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