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    Default Roadtrip to Maine and questions for experience roadtrippers

    My girlfriend and I want to go on a road trip on Memorial Weekend. We live in Reston, VA and we want to drive to Bar Harbor, ME to be on a whale/puffin watching tour. This is something we've been wanting to do for a long time, but we just don't have that much time.

    Our idea was to leave on Thursday evening (around 6:00 pm) and stop for the night in NYC/CT. Then continue driving north and arrive in Bar Harbor on Friday. Then we would take the whale watching tour on Saturday. On Sunday evening we would start driving back and stop somewhere in between Boston and NYC for the night and finally finish the drive home on Monday.

    Its a pretty intense itinerary since we are travelling a lot of miles on a very short time, and I have a few questions for the more experienced roadtrippers:

    We are calcultaing this drive will take around 14 hours, is this accurate?
    Do you think it would be feasible to drive all the way to Maine in just one day assuming we leave really early (say 4-5 am)?
    Is it all even worth it?

    Thanks for your insight! :)

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    Reston to Bar Harbor is 730 miles through some of the most heavily traveled territory in the country. I would not attempt to do this in one day. Split the drive both ways and consider finding alternate routes that keep you out of the DC to Boston I-95 corridor.

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    1 day from Virginia to Maine will be a stretch. The traffic that you are going to hit in cities such as DC, Baltimore, Philly, NY, and Boston will make that 14 hour time much longer than it appears. The google maps times that they give you also does not include stops for gas, sightseeing, food, etc. You should probably add 3 - 4 hours minimum to the 14 for all of the stops.

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