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    My boyfriend and I are planning to take a roadtrip this summer after we graduate. It will be our first vacation together and we're not really sure how to go about planning it. We were thinking of traveling up the California coastline and back to Southern California (where we both live). About how long should the trip be and how much money should we set aside for this? We would like to spend enough time together to make the trip worthwhile, but we're also on a pretty tight budget. Any input from couples or persons experienced with roadtrips would really be helpful.

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    Wow, a first road trip. The first one I took, I never even looked at a map -- just headed for the horizon, until the gas tank hit empty, refilled and returned home.

    How far up the coast were you thinking about going? The Big Sur coastline is pretty special. Your terminus could be Monterey and then head east and stop at some of the coastal wineries along US-101 on your way south. Time to allow? How much time do you have? Two nights out, 900 miles of travel, reasonable accomodations, a car with decent fuel mileags -- you could probably have an awesome trip for about $400.00. On the otherhand, you could do the same trip for about $200 or $2500 depending upon tastes.

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