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    I wasn't sure where to put this because it isn't road trip related but I value the opinion of road trippers and you can only get so much info from Wikipedia and google pictures.

    I may be planning a move with my career down to the Baltimore, Maryland/Washington D.C. area. Three cities of Reisterstown, Olney, and Crofton come to mind. Has anyone been to the areas northwest of Baltimore (Reisterstown), northwest of DC (Olney), and northeast of DC (Crofton)?

    (I moved this thread here -- because, road trips are often part of residency changes and this sub-forum is where many of those kinds of planned road trips have flourished)
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    Default One thing to Consider

    While there are literally dozens of things to consider when choosing a home town, one (and the only one I can speak to) is the ease of leaving it, be it either for your daily commute or on a longer RoadTrip. For me, that would point to Reisterstown. While Olney offers relatively good accessibility nestled in between I-70, I-270 and I-95, those are all heavily traveled commuter roads and Olney itself is in an area that will see continued growth as both Baltimore and Washington grow. The same can be said of Crofton only more so. Crofton does have the advantages both of being near BWI and having relatively easy access to the Eastern Shore but anywhere else would be tough to get to. Reisterstown is as yet still on the northwest edge of the BosWash corridor and so 'escape' via I-83, I-81, and I-70 is still easy and some very nice open country starts just north and west of it. However, given the other two cities you're considering, it probably makes your daily commute worse.

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