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  1. Default FL to UT: The Big Move

    Hello forum, n00b here.

    My family and I are moving from the Sunshine state to the Beehive state.

    The move will be in late January.

    I am looking for advice whats the safest/best route to travel (Google Maps says I75, I80 and west).

    Also, since I have 2 little kids, I was thinking of scenery along the way. I hear Kansas and I10 thru Texas is a little boring.

    Anyways, advice and suggestions are welcomed.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default How long a trip?

    Quote Originally Posted by emg117 View Post
    I am looking for advice whats the safest/best route to travel
    That route is fine -- it really depends upon how long you have available for this move. Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Here are some time-tested tips for making a road trip even more exciting for kids. It can be challenging to combine the holiday spirit of a "road trip" with the technical logistics of a house-hold move. So, generally we recommend keeping the route pretty straight forward. Since this a January move, we recommend keeping the on-the-road travel day to less than 9 hours and allow time for the kids to blow off steam in the motel pool each day. As such, you should allow five full days to make this journey. Here are some winter driving tips for you as well.


  3. Default Traveling from AZ to UT in January

    I am traveling from AZ to UT next month and I had a question about my route.

    We were going to take Route 89 from Flagstaff AZ to Cedar City UT which is supposively a super scenic drive.

    But I am worried, since I never been there before, that it might be a dangerous drive for my family in a minivan.

    Is that a safe road to drive on in the Winter?

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    It's a scenic drive all right and you don't have to worry about roadconditions if no snow. The only part that goes up/down is the stretch from us89 on ut14 to Cedar City. If you want to avoid that, drive from Kanab to Fredonia and take 389/59 and to I15 and north to Cedar City but I would not want to miss Zions on your itinerary not to mention Grand Canyon NP. How long do you want to take for this drive?

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    Maybe a couple of days. I've heard that there aren't many gas stations on 89 and that everything is closed on Sundays.

    I know its scenic, but I am worried about driving on it in January in a minivan. Thanks

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    Default Plenty of refueling stops

    Gas stations may not be as plentiful as they are along the major highways but you should have no problem getting fuel when you need it. If memory serves, you might have up to an hour, here and there, between gas stations but these longer stretches are few. Follow common-sense and don't wait until you're low before refueling and you'll be fine. When I'm traveling where gas stations are more spread out, I typically fill at around the half-tank mark. If you do that, you should be more than fine.

    I don't recall mass closings of gas stations on Sundays of gas stations or other businesses that cater to travelers like restaurants, etc. in that part of the country. I suppose it's possible you might find a few closed for religious purposes but I really don't believe it will be an issue for you.

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    Changing gears here, what about taking 40 to US 93 and then on to Vegas. Does 93 have TOO much traffic? (like the complete opposite of 89).


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