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    I'm trying to piece together a one week road trip in Florida and would be very grateful for any advice =)

    The trip will start and end in Orlando. I have a list of "must see" things that I would like to visit. These are; The Everglades, Key West and Kennedy Space Center.

    This is the plan so far:

    Day 0: Arrive in Orlando
    Day 1: Disney World
    Day 2: Drive down to Everglades City (airboat tour etc.), spend the night in Naples
    Day 3-4: Key West
    Day 5: Key West to Daytona Beach
    Day 6: Kennedy Space Center (is this a full day activity or only half?)
    Day 7: Drive back to Orlando

    What I would like to fit in as well would be a visit to South Beach and Miami. I could also skip Disney World if it wouldn't fit in any good.

    Any suggestions or advice for this road trip?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Take another week!

    That's a loooong drive from WDW to Everglades, and even longer to Key West.

    The everglades can be great in February or March. It's expensive, but worth it to stay at the hotel in Flamingo. You can watch the birds at night and in the morning. Take in a boat tour or two, and take a rented canoe down one of the canoe trails. Reservations highly recommended. Summer??? The mosquitos in the summer are HORRENDOUS!!!

    Kennedy is interesting, but you really need reservations for the tours. It will tie up a day.

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    The Kennedy Space Center is a must-see, for no other reason than it represents the reality of applied science and human adventure as opposed to the fantasy of the theme parks. My experience is you can see the "museum" areas of KSC in 1-2 hours, add another 1-2 hours for IMAX, then an extra 2-3 hours for any of the bus tours (you'll need reservations, as mentioned above). Some of time will be spent waiting for shows and tours, or grabbing a bite to eat. So as you can see, you can spend a half day at KSC, or turn it into a full day.

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