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    Default KC to SF next week

    My dad and I will be driving from Kansas City to San Francisco next week (I'm moving!). Here's our roadtrip plan for now:

    day1: KC to Denver via I-70
    day2: Denver to Salt lake (I-25 to I-80)
    day3: Salt Lake to Reno (I-80)
    day4(half day): Reno to San Fran

    I'm just wondering if this is a doable route for a winter trip. I'd like to avoid weather problems. Thanks

  2. Default Watch closely

    Over the next two days, the weather along your intended route includes snow, snow showers, mixed precip and rain, especially on Sunday, according to the forecast. If you are planning for later than Monday, you need to take another look later in the weekend. If you are planning to leave sooner, then you REALLY need to watch carefully to see how severe this current weather system is going to be. Chances are you won't have any trouble getting through, but you may have to deal with a bit of snow. When you're dealing with winter storms on intercity routes, it's very important to plan for possible delays, so keep that in mind -- you want to keep informed enough that you minimize the possibilities of getting stuck between cities. Use the <a href = "">resources<a/> on this site and others to get the overall picture.

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