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  1. Default 1st Time Possible RVer Desperately Seeking Opinions from People with RV Experience

    I always say "Don't try to know what I know!!!", but I don't I'm reaching out to you kind people, to find out what you know!!! I am very interested hearing from people who have any experience with RVing in National Parks/Forrests. Briefly, here is what we are thinking...

    My husband (who drives for a living), myself and our two dogs were going to rent an RV for 10 days and drive from Chicago to The Badlands, then on to Yellowstone & the Grand Tetons (we have visited/hiked Yellowstone & Tetons before). We realize we can't hike in the NP's with the girls, but can in the Forrests. We thought that if we really had to hike in the NP's we would hit the trail early and only be gone for a few hours (only if the weather is conducive to leaving the girls in the RV, which looking at the average temperatures seems like it will be more than ok). We have run a budget and know it's going to be expensive (rental, gas, milage, campgrounds, food, entertainment, etc..) but are ok with that. Our line of thinking is:

    1. Never tried it and sounds fun
    2. Have to bring the dogs (our first vacation w/pets)
    3. Even with conducive weather, don't like the idea of leaving girls in the SUV, if we were to drive our vehicle-feel they would be safer/more comfortable in RV.
    4. Don't want to have to worry about finding motels that allow dogs/like idea of being able to pick up and go w/out worrying about motel obligations

    Ok, so what do you think? Did I cover the bases? Did I miss something? What am I not thinking of???

    ONE SPECIFIC QUESTION: With the average OVERNIGHT lows of 30 degrees in Yellowstone, do we have to be concerned about the water lines freezing? The rental company requires that you drain all of your lines if you will be in below freezing weather, but I wonder if the lines will freeze in 8 hrs.

    THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your thoughts, opinions, advice and cautions. WE REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    First, with regard to water lines, yes, I'd say its certainly possible that you could see water lines freeze overnight. Water lines are relatively small in size, which means they won't take long to freeze. Also, remember that even if the forecast calls for temperatures to be 32-35, you could easily end up camping where the temperature falls 5-10 below the forecast site, and while you wouldn't have a problem at 32-30, you could drop into the 20s quite easily. If your lines do freeze, you're be looking at a big mess, and a big fine when you turn your RV back in.

    The issue I'd be concerned about by leaving your dogs along in the RV is that even well behaved animals, when locked into a small unfamiliar space can caught problems, and I'd be a little concerned about them possibly doing damaged to the interior.

    Otherwise, if you want to take an RV trip, then go for it. You also should remember, however, that these vehicles are slower going, and so you're looking at a very busy 10 days just to fit in everything in your current itinerary.

  3. Default Thank you so much for the input!!!


    Thank you so much for you opinion. I read it first thing this morning and have thought about it all day. The point you made about the water lines was right on the money. Our previous trip to Yellowstone was a rollarcoaster of weather and you are so right that it could be 20 degrees all night long! I have decided that there are too many things to worry about, especially considering that I can take a weeks cruise to alaska for what it will cost us for this 10 day trip. While I love the idea of RVing, it is SO COSTLY if you don't own you own vehicle. Your response helped to save me a lot of aggravation and $$$ as well.

    Thanks again!

    Kim K

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