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  1. Default Road Trip from KY To CALI (Need Advice)

    Hi I'm just dying for a road trip. I only have 14 days I can take off from work starting August 30 ending September 14. I have about 2k for this trip and calculated gas to be about 1500 if I calculate gas at 5 bucks a gal. Do you guys think I can make it to San Fransico and back to old kentucky home in 14 days with only 500 bucks left over after gas?

    i plan on taking a southern Route IL, Missouri, Kansas Calorado, NM, AZ, and then up through southern Cali to San Fransisco, and then taking a northern route home up through oregon, WA, Montana, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana.

    Any advice?

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    Default Less is sometimes more.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Even though you have probably over estimated your gas [which isn't a bad thing] I think you will struggle to make this trip enjoyable with the time and money you have. To start with, even if gas was to be around £3.5 a gallon and you got 20mpg, that would still be around a $1000. That would give you $70 a day to live on, if you were planning on camping that would be doable but you really won't have much spare money and if you were to face a mechanical break down of some sort or other unforeseen expense it could blow your budget.

    As for time, with 14 days and your trip looking at close to covering 6000 miles, it would mean getting through 420 miles a day, every day ! So to me it begs the question, why not cut back on your miles, enjoy the road trip more and have a bit more cash to spend on yourself ?

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    If all you want to do is drive for the sake of driving, you can do that in 14 days. Your sightseeing is all going to be through your windshield.

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