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    Default Road Trip from Cali to N.C.


    My husband and I are moving from San Diego, CA to N.C. (we do not know the exact city yet but we're leaning around the suburbs of Raleigh) around July of this year. We literally do not know how to start. We do not have a time frame per se but we are trying to limit our one-way trip to the east coast around 10-12 days. We both wanted the scenic route where we can relax and discover new things all over the country. We are also travelling with our Pug, so any pet-friendly hotel/establishments suggestions are very welcome! =)

    Also, if there are NC natives out there, any information as to a good place to live will be appreciated. I consider my husband and I a young couple (23 and 26 yrs old) and we hope to find a place relatively near a university, good employment, suburb, safe and clean, and a little bit of nightlife! =)

    Thanks in advance!!!!!!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    First of all, with 10-12 days, you will have lots of time to relax, explore, and enjoy your journey across the continent. You could make the trip fairly comfortably in half that time just to give you a feel for how much time you do have. This general route has come up a few times before, so let me, for starters, point you to a couple of threads on the subject:

    Thread 1
    Thread 2

    But really, the best place to start is with a good map of the USA. Have a look at where you'll be starting from and where you want to end up. Then see what's in between. Mark places that appeal to you with a highlighter or push pins, and then start connecting the dots. Remember, you have time to wander around a bit!

    While I'm not a NC native, my sister is in the process of retiring and moving there. Her criteria were much the same as yours, particularly the desire to be near a college town and nightlife. She and her husband ended up choosing Davidson, just north of Charlotte, but you should also take a good look at the Research Triangle.

    Once you have a better idea of where you're headed and your preferred route, check back for more specifics.


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