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    My only tip would be to look to see if you can arrange your own insurance. Try and you can buy the insurance policy here (which will actually cover you for more than what you buy at the desk: tyres, windscreen, etc.)

    With regard to the waiving of a one-way fee the only thing I can recommend is booking the best deal that you can get with a company who will let you cancel your booking right up until a couple of days before you are due to travel. Then phone the local office of various car rental companies in NYC and Miami and ask if they have any vehicles that need to be relocated. If they do and offer to waive the fee for you returning the vehicle to its home state then you can cancel your pre-existing booking and hopefully save a few quid. Other than that you're gonna hve to stump up, I'm afraid.

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    Default East coast/inland sites

    Hi all,

    Me and my partner are investigating places to visit on a road trip from New York - Miami during a two week period.
    We've got a few stop off points: Philly, Washington, Savannah and Jacksonville (Florida is sorted for visits) but does anyone have any ideas for in between?

    We aren't really looking for beaches as we plan to do that side of things in Floria, so are happy to go inland a couple of hundred miles, to see either nature or fun places. We're mainly looking for small, lesser known Cities/towns are we're covering the big cities that we want to see already. Basically we're hoping to find some hidden gems with either beautiful scenery or new activities.

    Also, we'd love to go to a proper stereotypically American town, any ideas?

    Any advice would be great thanks :-)
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    Default double up

    I believe you already asked these questions, and if you look back at the very thoughtful response that Buck provided, you've got a whole bunch of good possible answers.

    Since you haven't provided any feedback on the help you've already recieved, except to ask for more of it, its going to be hard for others to know where to go with providing additional advice.

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    Thanks for this Michael - as you can see from my response to Buck, Savannah will certainly be looked at.

    However with regards to the rest, the reason I put up a new thread (admittedly I could have done it in this one, not sure why I didnt) was because although Buck's suggestions were excellent, we are looking at some more inland towns as we dont want to be doing coastal most the time. Plus I have not posed the question about stereotypically American towns before so this is a new question entirely.

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    We really prefer all of your questions to be kept together for this very reason, so we know what questions you've already asked, and what answers you've already been provided. In the future, please do not create a new thread for your next question about this trip.

    As far as a stereotypically American town, I'm not really sure I know what that is, or if such a thing actually exists.

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