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    Default New York to Miami

    hi all, i will be flying into new york in apri and plan on driving down to miami to spend a week there. I have 2 weeks in total. Being young, (and scottish!) I like sports and would love to take in an football/baseball game on the way(don't really mind who!) I'm 24 years old so recommendations for bars/clubs will be greatly appreciated!

    I would love to hear some advice with regards to the best route to take, where to stop off and anything interesting we can do on the way.

    I will be hiring a vehicle so distance isn't really a problem.

    look forward to your replies guys!!!!

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    Default tis the season

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    April is the start of the baseball season in the US, and you'd have quite a few places to watch a major league game along the way. There is a brand new stadium opening up in Washington DC that could be fun to check out, or Baltimore has a very nice stadium that would be a fun place to watch a game.

    I-95 would be the direct route, and it would take about 3 full days to make the trip if you stick to the freeways.

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    thanks, is there anything else worth checking out on the way? i have around a week in total so would be willing to take the scenic route!

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