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  1. Default Roadtripping from NYC to Florida Keys - I'm looking for all the worthwhile pitstops!

    Hey everyone,

    Me and 5 other friends are roadtripping from NYC all the way down to Florida Keys

    This will be all of our first times and we'd like to make sure we stop by some worth while pitstops along the way.

    So far my friends have talked about stopping by Philly for some famous cheesesteak (not sure where yet tho) and we hear Atlanta has a famous fried chicken spot we wanna look up.

    Anyone else have any suggestions? I looking for anything along the way or just a small detour, lemme know your fave spots!

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    How much time will you have to spend on your trip? Besides food, what other things interest you? There's a lot of great natural locations along the way, as well as classic drives and historic locations.

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    Default Atlanta?

    Hello cakinlife,

    Assuming your route is I-95 all the way you won't pass close to Atlanta, GA. The part of Georgia you'll pass through is right along the coast and is well away from Atlanta, which lies in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains well west of I-95.

    That said, if it's authentic regional eats you're looking for at your pit stops, they don't come any more authentic than the Eastern North Carolina barbeque served at Bills or Parker's in Wilson, NC. Each place is on old US 301 just a short distance off of I-95. Each features whole-hog chopped or sliced barbeque, Brunswick stew, cornbread, vinegar-based coleslaw, hushpuppies, corn sticks, and an entire selection of other country-style meats and vegetables. It's all chased down with syrupy-sweet iced tea with homemade banana pudding for dessert.

    Have fun and y'all stop on by and see the good folks in Wilson, ya hear?


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    Everyone has to stop at South of the Border at least once. It's a tourist trap of all tourist traps, way up there in the same class as Wall Drug. It's on the NC/SC border on I-95. You can't miss it, you will be sick of the billboards by the time you get there.

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