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    Hi there,

    I am a danish guy who wants to see the beautiful US in this summer. I speak very good english(my written is not so good (-: ). I have heard that Rute 66 and 1?? is the best ones, but are more then open to other suggestions. I am 34 years old, work in Copenhagen as a socialworker. I play music, take photos and do a lot of different sports. I have travled a lot - last trekking in Nepal and India. I plan to go around May or June and will spend about a month or a bit more. Maybe start in Chicago, but are open. I look for others who wants to explore the roads (-:

    Look forward to hear from you

    All the best


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Roadtripping in the US just can't be boiled down into 2 "best" routes, there are thousands upon thousands of possibilities, and the great things about a roadtrip is that you can build your trip to your tastes.

    Really, the best thing I can tell you is to spend some time doing research figuring out what things and what areas might be of most interest to you. Get a good map, and do lots of reading to figure out what things are appealing to you.

    Once you've established what you want to do, then we can provide much better information to help you put all of the pieces together.

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