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    Default The long 1 day trip

    I have only done a few multi-day trips. I just started riding the real trips, but I find I get plenty of enjoyment from taking an all day Saturday or Sunday trip. This saves a ton of money, no lodging, minimal food? you can bring enough for 1 day. SO all that leaves is gas. I ride a Suzuki SG500, so that isn't very much. My route for my usual 1 day trip is at xxxxxxxxxx. It is a decent web-site for recording routes, I would recommend Google maps if you need to actually plan a trip though, especially off-roading. My route is the one around lake Michigan starting in Chicago. Its about 340 miles round trip.

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    I'm very confused by your post - of course, I might be making the mistake of thinking you're a human and not just a spam bot - but what sort of trip can you take "around lake michigan" that's 350 miles? A loop around the lake is about 1000 miles, mostly on 2 lanes roads and its certainly not a daytrip.

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